Hooper Looking To Impress

2012 Olympian Damien ‘Super’ Hooper is hoping to impress a whole new audience when he faces Josh Webb at Metro City in Perth on Friday night.

The Aboriginal puncher, 22, has boxed almost exclusively on the eastern coast of Australia since turning professional 14 months ago, but now he gets the chance to win over news fans in the west against a dangerous opponent.

Webb has only been defeated twice in nine outings and has two titles to his name, but fast-handed Hooper believes his skills will be too much when the bell rings.

“Josh Webb is a tough guy, I’m told. It’s a six-round fight and I’m looking to use my boxing skills to win the fight,” he said.

“I think I should have enough skill to defeat him, but I’m not overlooking him at all.

“I’m really looking forward to boxing in front of the people of Perth. This will be my first fight here so hopefully I can entertain them!

“I’m very thankful to my promoter, Ricky Hatton, for organising this fight for me and keeping me active.”

Matt Clark, Hooper’s co-manager, believes many people in Perth will get behind the stylish light heavyweight on Friday, thanks in part to the work he has been doing with people in the city in recent weeks.

“Damien has been active in the community while in Perth. He’s visited and spoken with the kids there, who loved having him visit,” Clark explained.

“He’s trying to be a positive role model for these kids and hopefully he can influence them to follow their dreams.

“It’s great to have Damien in the ring again and learning his craft as a pro. Josh represents a tough test, he’s known as a strong boxer here and I think it’ll be a great fight for the fans.

“Thanks to Hatton Promotions for keeping Damien ticking over once again.”

Courtesy of the Hatton Boxing press office


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