Coldwell Joy Over Perfect Weekend

Tony Bellew’s knockout victory over Brazilian puncher, Julio Dos Santos, at the Liverpool ECHO Arena at the weekend provided Dave Coldwell the perfect ending in what was a hectic week for the Sheffield multi-tasker. The loud Liverpudlian destroyed the game South American and the path to a long-awaited rematch with nemesis, Nathan Cleverly, is a trail with no obstructing features. Coldwell was delighted with his charge and is relishing the prospect of preparing Bellew for the highly-charged showdown.JS41661718

“I’m well aware of how much needle there was previously between the pair but Saturday took it to a new level,” said an excited Coldwell. “A lot of things have been said about the conduct of the boxers on Saturday but let’s not forget that both had been involved in fights on the night and that the adrenaline would’ve been pumping for both of them. This rematch is going to be one of the biggest fights in Britain this year and I’m delighted to be a part of it. The move to cruiserweight has done wonders for Tony and I’m convinced that you’ll see the best of him when he gets in there with Cleverly.”

As well as aiding Bellew in his crusade towards Cleverly, Coldwell also received welcome news from a promotional prospective as it was revealed at the Matchroom Barbecue last week that Coldwell Boxing would be having their shows featured on the new Matchroom Fight Pass that launches shortly. As well as giving his fighters exposure on their own Coldwell Television app, a number of events will now be screened via Eddie Hearn’s new outlet. This gets underway on September 12 as Chad Gaynor tackles Ahmet Patterson for the vacant English welterweight title.

“The Matchroom Fight Pass is a further opportunity for all our boxers to gain some more exposure and show the boxing audience exactly what Coldwell is about. We’ve tried to give our fighters a platform with the Coldwell Television app and that has worked wonderfully and this is now another chance for all the fighters at Coldwell Boxing to go out there and deliver. The Coldwell Television app is still available to download and events will still be getting shown on there but this Fight Pass could be the start of something big and I’m delighted that Coldwell Boxing is a part of it.”

Coldwell added, “Our show on September 12 will be the inaugural broadcast for the Matchroom Fight Pass and it’s a show that I’m expecting to deliver in a big way. I’ve told people about Chad Gaynor for a long time and he’s very close to getting his hands on his first title. That’ll open doors for him. We’ve also got Maxi Hughes and Joe Murray going at it over eight rounds in a fight that should bring rewards for the victor and we have a rematch between Jerome Wilson and Serge Ambomo. Those two delivered an epic contest earlier this year when Ambomo claimed a close one so here’s hoping they put it all on the line again. I’m certain it will be a fantastic night.”

Courtesy of the Coldwell Boxing press office


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