Maxi Steps Up Against Laryea

With promoter Dave Coldwell working hard behind the scenes to provide a solid test, Rossington’s Maxi Hughes has finally been matched with former world title challenger, Joseph Laryea.

After efforts to make an excellent trade fight with Manchester Olympian, Joe Murray, were shelved, Coldwell has rescheduled the bout between Hughes and the tough African after it was postponed due to the latter suffering an unfortunate accident earlier this year. With the fight back on, Hughes is looking to make a huge impression against a solid opponent.

“This is a good fight for me because Laryea is someone who has seen it all and is used to mixing in a higher class than what I’ve been in,” confessed Hughes. “I’ve been saying to my promoter and to my trainer that I’m ready to be stepped up and I’m certainly getting what I asked for because Laryea is a huge step up for me. This is a huge fight for me and it’s one that helps get my name out there. Once I’ve beaten Laryea, it’ll make a lot of people sit up and take notice of me and then I can begin to focus on getting some title fights.”

Hughes, who has served a solid apprenticeship as a professional thus far, has only two blips on his paid ledger thus far. A draw with Ronnie Clark early in his career and gutsy defeat to Scotty Cardle last year are the only two blemishes disrupting his slate but the Yorkshire man has made huge improvements since moving to Gary Lockett’s gym in South Wales for the most recent stage of his boxing journey. Hughes has had four straight impressive victories since the Cardle setback and Coldwell is insistent that his charge is ready to make a big leap.

“Maxi Hughes is someone who’s impressed me a lot over the last year and this is a fight that’s going to move him up the rankings at a quick pace if he wins,” revealed Coldwell. “He’s learning so much under Gary Lockett, he’s doing the weight brilliantly and there’s a whole list of fighters out there that I could put him in with if he does the business against Laryea. I’m looking forward to him showing me what I know he’s capable of on September 12th and after that we can look at getting him a big fight.”

Courtesy of the Coldwell Boxing press office


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