Woodhouse Released From Coldwell Deals: Coldwell Speaks

Coldwell Boxing’s goal when working with Curtis Woodhouse was to deliver him the British title. The crossover from footballer to boxer was one that came with several problems but ourselves and Curtis overcame them all and we achieved our mission when Curtis defeated Darren Hamilton to realise his dream.BOXING

Coldwell Boxing have today released Curtis from promotional and managerial contracts.

My time with Curtis as trainer, manager, promoter and friend is a period I will always recall with great fondness and the setbacks he overcome to become English and British champion will always fill me with immense pride. Wins against the likes of Dave Ryan and Hamilton proved that Curtis was an accomplished domestic campaigner and his ability to bounce back from devastating defeats against Frankie Gavin, Dale Miles and Derry Mathews proved that he was an absolute warrior.

Everyone at Coldwell Boxing wishes Curtis all the best in his future endeavours and he can always be guaranteed a special place in everyone’s hearts here. It’s been a pleasure being at Curtis’ side during his incredible journey and I hope that his story will continue to be a successful one.

Courtesy of the Coldwell Boxing press office


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