Hatton: Rabchenko Can Win Over Aussies Like I Did

Ricky Hatton sees some similarities between his epic clash with Kostya Tsyzu nine years ago and Sergey Rabchenko’s dust up with Anthony Mundine.

The Hitman was relentless as he upset the odds by forcing the Aussie legend to quit on his stool after 11 rounds in front of a raucous Mancunian crowd at the MEN Arena in June, 2005

It was a result that naturally fans Down Under were disappointed with, but oddly many came to love Hatton’s all-action style and laid back attitude and he feels Rabchenko can manage a similar feat at the Hisense Arena in Sydney on November 12.

“I broke Australian hearts when I beat one of their greatest in Kostya Tsyzu, but I’ve got a great relationship with Australian people and I like to think Sergey can win them over as well,” Ricky, who has been training Rabchenko since 2012, said.

“I think a lot of fans liked the way I fought and now they can see that I’m trying to bring on their next generation of world champions with Lucas Browne, Damien Hooper and Cameron Hammond.

“Sergey is going to end the career of another Aussie great and that might not go down well, but I believe they’ll come to realise that it’s business and Sergey has as much respect for Australia as I have.”

With Mundine coming into the fight on the back of a crushing defeat to Joshua Clottey he is keen to get his career back on track. The former three-time world champion has described the fight as “do or die” and Hatton thinks this attitude make ‘Choc’ a very dangerous proposition.

“Mundine knows his career is one the line in this fight so I think he’s going to give everything he’s got, to be honest with you,” Hatton said.

“He certainly shouldn’t be written off and he’s going to be Sergey’s toughest fight.

“The winner of this fight will get a world title shot. It’s that simple. Sergey is already the number two in the world with the WBC and this should push him to the number one spot for the title.

“Not only will Mundine be looking to prove how much he has left, he’s looking at this as his chance to leap frog Sergey and get that shot himself. That makes him very dangerous.”

He added: “The stakes are very high and I expect Sergey to really show his skills and power. I don’t think this fight will go the distance. Mundine has had a fantastic career, but I think it’s Sergey’s time now.”

Courtesy of the Hatton Boxing press office


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